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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by JohnAG, Mar 19, 2002.

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    Any opinions on this deck? 180 with two free component speakers, doesn't seem like to bad a deal. Any other suggestions?
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    never been big on their product, but for that package and price you should not be hurting yourself too much. but hey it's from crotchfeel so if you don't like it and don't screw anything up you can return it in 30 days.
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    I got an Austin CD-41 with that same promo. I paid $120.00 on eBay. Got it with a free remote and the 6.5" speakers. Unfortunately I got screwed on the speakers becuase the seller was kicked from eBay after he forgot to ship my speakers (he forgot to ship other people their merchandise as well :mad: ). No biggie, I got a great deal on some Infinity Kappas, and the Blaupunkt's were only $30/pr speaks.

    Either way, decient head end for the price, dedicated sub-out with a fixed 100Hz 12db rolloff. Plays CD-R's perfectly, has a pretty good receiver. Detatchable flip-down faceplate-a plus.

    My only beefs are the lack of a dimmer wire. The blue display is bad ass, but it's sometimes just too bright at night. Also, you need to navigate through a menu to adjust the fader-hard to do at freeway speeds. Also, it has 18 FM presets, but only 6 per band. So, you have 3 FM bands to contend with if you want more than 6 presets at a time.

    I REALLY dig the station labels. Looks cool. Also, you can label your CDs, however it doesn't read CD-TEXT.

    For a good price, check out

    $180 seems high for the deck. Your're paying for Crutchfield service. If you are an experianced installer, buy the harness and bezel from SoundDomain and get the stereo cheaper elsewhere.

    my $0.02USD

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