GUN Blind former SEAL beats gunman nearly to death

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    Wed September 5, 2007
    Man injured at triple-slaying scene still in hospital

    By Jane Glenn Cannon
    Staff Writer
    NORMAN — A blind war veteran fought and injured a gunman who shot and killed three women in his home, police said today.

    Brent Link, a former Navy SEAL whose eyesight had deteriorated to blindness in the past few years, heard the shots Tuesday afternoon that fatally wounded his wife, Tami K. Link, 52, his mother, Etannah Bishop, 87, and his sister-in-law, Sheila S. Ellis, 56. Link attacked and beat the man so severely police initially thought he had been shot, Capt. Leonard Judy said Wednesday.

    The name of the man believed to be the gunman has not been released. Police identified him as a relative of the Links and are calling him "a person of interest” in the shooting.

    "We haven't been able to talk to him yet, so we aren't releasing his name or saying anything about him except that he's a person police want to question about the shooting,” Capt. Leonard Judy said.

    The man's injuries were believed to be life-threatening at first, Judy said. His condition since has stabilized. He is under police guard in an area hospital.

    Brent Link was treated for shock at Norman Regional Hospital shortly after the shooting occurred but was released this morning, Judy said.

    "He has fully cooperated with us. He is in no way a suspect in the shootings,” Judy said.

    Police recovered a 12-gauge shotgun from the scene. The gun was already in the house when a dispute apparently sparked the shooting, the police captain said.

    Investigators are continuing to piece together what led to the shootings.

    Friends of the family said Brent Link's mother and the gunman, believed to be Tami Link's brother, lived with Tami and Brent Link at 1517 Oklahoma Ave.

    Neighbors described the couple as nice, quiet and very careful about keeping up their house and yard. The couple's son, Stephen, operates a landscape business on the back of the property.

    Mike Fitzgerald, 1705 Oklahoma Ave., said he was inside his house about 3:50 p.m. Tuesday when he heard a man scream. Police said they received a 911 call about the same time.

    Officers found the three women dead inside the house, Brent Link inside the house and an injured man on the front porch, Judy said. The man on the porch was injured in the face and head. The three women had been shot in the torsos, he said.

    Link is a Vietnam War veteran who served in the Marine Corps and with a Navy SEAL team for six years. After his military career, he attended the University of Arkansas where he received a bachelor of science degree in computer science. He owned and operated a business that developed adaptive technology for the blind and vision impaired until his retirement in 2001.


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