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    Any Melonheads in here???

    For those that don't know, 13 years after the lead singer, Shannon Hoon, od'd Blind Melon is back with new music and a new singer.

    I was kind of skeptical. Most people will tend to say that they are probably broke and just looking to recapture their old glory. But thankfully, they have done this pretty tastefully. They didn't really want to go tour on their old music, so they decided to piece together a new Album with Travis Warren, a younger Melon fan that idolizes Shannon Hoon. Kind of like a real-life version of the movie Rockstar.

    I was able to witness Travis front the band a few weeks ago. He held his own, though at times left a slight bit of disappointment. I was also able to catch up with the guys in the band, mostly Christopher Thorn and Brad Smith. How they spoke about the reunion was very refreshing. They aren't looking to hit the charts, they aren't looking to gain new fans, and aren't really looking to score a bunch of money. The title of the album says it all... "For My Friends" They are out there for their devoted fans that have stuck with them through this 17 year long journey that is Blind Melon.

    With that said, I will say some of the older stuff live Travis did a great job singing, there were other songs that he didn't do so great singing. I have listened to a few different show tapes of "Change," and for me, he just doesn't do it like Shannon. However, oddly enough, the new album seems like it could easily be Shannon singing songs he has written.

    If you ever liked Blind Melon. Check it out.

    And if you have followed the recent reunion of Blind Melon, I am curious on what you think of it. I will say I am greatful for Travis coming along and getting the guys back together, but, it kind of seems to me that was his plan all along before he even stepped foot in Chris and Brad's studio looking for a producer.

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