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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by lilbenhamkb, Jan 9, 2006.

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    Boiler room is a great movie if you havent seen it and it features good rap hip hop music.... i would like the music but am having trouble finding the songs played in the movie, i have a list of all the songs used... if anyone could help me out that would be awesome thanks

    1) New York (Ya Out There) - Rakim (18th Letter/Book Of Life)
    2) Things Done Changed - Notorious B.I.G. (Ready to Die)
    3) Area - De La Soul (Buhloone Mind State)
    4) Get On This - Ugly Duckling (Fresh Mode)
    5) Ma Dukes - O.C. (Word...Life)
    6) Keepin The Faith - De La Soul (De La Soul Is Dead)
    7) Award Tour - Tribe Called Quest (Anthology)
    8) Funky Child - Lords of the Underground (Here Come The Lords)
    9) Supa Star - Group Home (Livin' Proof)
    10) Anywayz - Esthero (Breath From Another)
    11) You Don't - Tricky (Maxinquae)
    12) Rock the Set - Brand Nubian (In God We Trust)
    13) Right Here - Pharoahe Monch (Internal Affairs)
    14) Impress the Kid - Slick Rick (Art of Storytelling)
    15) What a Thug About - Beannie Sigel (Truth)
    16) That Aint Gangsta - 50 Cent (Power of the Dollar)
    17) Simon Says - Pharoahe Monch (Internal Affairs)
    18) Money or Love - Saukrates (Vol. 1-Underground Tapes)
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    Look up the credits to the movie, it will have the song listing used in the movie.

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