LGBT Book Recommendation: The Male Couple's Guide, 3rd Edition

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    This is THE best book I have ever read and I'm actually reading it the second time. It was recommended to me by a gay priest many years ago while on a trip in Provincetown with my ex. I read the first edition, but recently picked up the 3rd edition.

    Male Couple's Guide 3e : Finding a Man, Making a Home, Building a Life
    by Eric Marcus (Author)

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    Edition: Paperback

    Book Description
    Finding the right man is just the beginning. Figuring out how to build a happy, rewarding, and tong-lasting relationship is the next challenge. With the help you'll find in the pages of The Male Couple's Guide--a warm, commonsense companion based on interviews with gay men across the country, their families, and relationship experts, as well as the author's own experience'you'll get the answers to everything you need to know, including:

    Finding the Right Man: Knowing what to look for, where to look, and how to date

    Getting Along: How to talk, how to listen, and how to accept differences

    Monogamy/Nonmonogamy: Deciding what works for you

    Moving in Together:Where to live, setting up house, managing household chores

    Tying the Knot: Planning a ceremony, exchanging rings

    Family: Coming out to your family, including your partner in family life

    Children: Exploring your choices, making a decision

    Work: How to include or exclude your partner from your professional life

    Sex: What to expect when the honeymoon stage is a memory

    Money: Managing your joint or separate finances The Law: Protecting your relationship and each other legally
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    hmmm… THANKS BABE!

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