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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Blindsight, Aug 18, 2002.

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    Hey guys... I was hoping someone out there could recommend some bookshelf speakers. I don't mind spending $300/pair for them. Thus far I have looked at Klipsch SB2 and Boston Acoustic CR75 or CR85 (not sure which)... I was not that impressed with the Bostons and I have yet to hear the Klipsch SB2 in person... but it is very highly acclaimed on the web.

    I'm open to all recommendations...


    where all can you go listen to speakers?what stores? your best bet is to listen to them you may not like the klipsch they tend to lack detail and be overly bright.
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    Ultimate Electronics (not nationwide, may never have heard of them) Best Buy, and a local hi end home theatre place that has McIntosh, Klipsch and lots of others that cost way too much...

    Err I should say I have those places in my hometown, I'm on college campus now, don't have any of that stuff :o
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    Your best bet is to yes, visit the stores and listen, and be sure to bring your own music. Listen to the speaker that sounds the most accurate, and natural, especially on vocals, rather than the speaker that "sounds good". Typically it will sound nice in the store, but when you get them home to listen for an hour at a time, your ears are going to get really sick of them. I would definatly visit all the places you can to listen to speakers, although IMHO Best Buy isnt going to have any worth buying.

    Also, take my word on this, don't listen to the salesman tell you what speaker sounds best, he is only there to tell you what speakers are in your price range.

    P.S. What school do you go to?
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    Oh yes, I know all the dirty salesman tricks.. My best friend worked at Circuit City..

    I go to oklahoma state university :sad2:

    I'm leaning towards the SB2 or SB3 now that I saw I can get them for $240 and $310 respectively...

    Oh and I guess I should actually mention that these will be used with my yamaha 60wX5 receiver.. connected to my laptop :rofl:

    My laptop produces suprisingly clean audio though (to me at least) :o
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    Hehe, ah the dirty salesman tricks...

    I go to University of Tulsa, I was going to go to OSU but changed my mind.

    What speakers are the SB2 and SB3's? Could you provide a link?

    Your reciever is fine and honestly the lineoutput on your laptop is probably fine.
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    SB-2 and SB-3 are Klipsch units, with SB-2 having some really good feed back on and since the SB-3 is basically just the SB-2 with a larger base driver I guess it must be even better, but I don't know if the increased cost will merit the increase in quality... I'm not sure which I will wind up liking more of those two speakers...

    It's all going to depend on how much money I can make selling shit on ebay really.. so I'm just researching this now to get some motivation going :big grin:

    And the University of Tulsa is really awesome, I have some acquaintances there. Much nicer, but much more expensive than OSjew, as I lovingly refer to it :bigthumb:
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    Cool. So you have listened to them? I have heard the SB-2s, now that I see the picture, at Ultimate Electronics. They sound pretty good I guess, but I felt as if they were a bit bright I suppose. Of course, my opinion on how they sound is irrelevent, it only matters what YOU think! :)
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    Damn.. well I will have to listen to them :big grin:

    Hopefully I will be going " :eek: :big grin: :bigthumb: "

    And not " :ugh2: :wtc: :greddy: :rolleyes: "
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    Yup, you will have to listen to em. Your best bet would be to do the switching on your own. Also, be aware that different speakers will have a different sensitivity which means that one will sound louder at the same power input than another. It is kind of hard to match levels when comparing speakers, unless you have an SPL meter. But yeah, definatly listen for the speaker that sounds the most natural and accurate to you, not the one that sounds loaded with bass and treble. They will get tiring after awhile if you get the dazzling speaker. ;)

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