CREW Booze Crew: You have $250 for a starter home bar what do you buy?

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Apr 8, 2006
A convo with a buddy happened about "I want the 6 main liquors and 1 bonus and I want to spend $250, what would you buy?" -

Curious how OT would answer this question, figured it might be a fun thing.

Fill it out below... each is required (as the idea is this is to keep at home for entertaining and who knows what people would like) and you can assume 750ml for all bottles...

  • 1 bourbon
  • 1 whiskey
  • 1 rum
  • 1 vodka
  • 1 tequila
  • 1 gin
  • 1 other liquor of your choice

For me ...

  • Four Roses Single Barrel $45
  • Johnny Walker Black $40 (I drink bourbon not whiskey so ... meh)
  • Capt Morgan $25
  • Reyka Vodka $25
  • Milagro $30
  • Aviation Gin $30 - idk shit about gin, 2 people I know say it's fine, so sure
  • Bonus Bottle - Weller Green label Bourbon $55
Total $240


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Jan 26, 2006
San Juan Island, WA
how did that convo become the foundation to a good home bar?


1. Blantons
2. Tullamore Dew
3. Captain (because we're not here to drink rum)
4. Kettle One
5. Casa Migos Blanco
6. Spyhop Gin (from here, herbaceous af)
7. Pappy Van Winkle

Total: more than I can afford pal


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Nov 7, 2005
Back in VA
Rum: Kirkland spiced rum
Vodka: Kirkland French
Tequila: Kirkland Anejo
Gin: Sapphire at Costco

Just saved you a bunch so you can
Whisky: Angel's Envy Rye

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