Bose Companion 2

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    Nov 22, 2008
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    Just bought a set yesterday. For the money they are quite impressive, they do lack a bit on the upper end frequencies but its very tolerable compared to my previous set of logitechs that cost roughly $50 these for $82 are well worth the extra $32 bucks in my opinion.

    I would recommend them under the pretense that you understand that you have bought a set of speakers that are under $100 just because they say bose does mean they are going to sound like bose a $2000 bose lifestyle setup.

    Owl city- fireflies- awesome crisp sound, perfect

    Black eyed peas- gotta a feeling- sounded good at middle volumes but at 90%+ the bass was a bit lacking fortunately bose has figured out a way to compensate and adjust so even at high volume there is no distrortion. You can actually hear this transition happen when you turn it up very fast.

    I would give them an overall 4 stars ive not heard anything better for less than $100

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