bose system in a 96 max

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  1. OK, I my Max used and it came with a sony xplode head unit. The kind that flips open. Well, the previous owner had some kind of setup going thru an amp and a sub...and it worked. He kept the amp and sub before getting it to a dealer. So now I have working speakers and head unit that won't work together (very well) I found a converter or sorts on e-bay that boats its ability to use any aftermarket head unit with any nissan maxima 1995-2005 bose system. This is it

    What I wanna how accurate this is. Everybody says that the bose speakers are crap, but thats hard to beleive. I get people saying the xplode speakers suck and the some infiniti's are good. I just need some more input
  2. i also just found out u can get those adapters at bestbuy cheaper...
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    lol sony...... lol bose......

    sory - i have a grudge against companys that charge alot for junk.

    if you were to look at the quality of your stock headunit to that sony - you would prolly keep that stock headunit (lol - shoot - my chevy blazer - 1998 stock cd player headunit sells on ebay USED for an upwards of $250! - new ones are closer to $300)

    yeah those things work - the reason for them - is because of the fact that the amplifier for your stock stereo - is somewhere else in your car - it in fact does not turn on unless you have a stock headunit - or unless ya put a special thing in there that says you have a stock headunit.

    (i'm talking in laymen's terms here pro's - not getting into techical stuff - or at least very technical stuff...)

    the other way to do it - if that doesn't work

    is to simply run new speaker wire to the speakers.. (or to the crossover's if you have them for your stock system)

    tho i am an advocate of running all new speaker wire - many people quiver at that thought....

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