A&P Bought a LA-DC52D Adapter for my powershot A540..

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by FindersKeepers, Mar 17, 2007.

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    I've had my A540 for just on a month now and I love it, for a small PnS camera it works WONDERFULLY and has a few advanced options that I love in the DSLR's.

    I bought it because my previous P&S had died on me, and i really wanted something small I could throw in a bag or my pocket before I bought a DSLR....

    I also like that it would take adapted lenses and filters so I bought the LA-DC52D 52mm lense adapter [​IMG]

    I plan on getting a UV filter because I do a lot of outside pictures, BUT should I do polarizer too?


    Should I invest in wide angle and telephoto lenses or just wait for the DSLR?

    Some pics for example:

    Some pics of my friend and her baby

    FULL QUALITY FERRIS WHEEL PIC *linked for size*

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    Buying a UV filter for that camera is a waste of money. I used my A70 to death (I think it used the exact same adaptor) and I only bought it for a polarizer. I also bought a used +3 macro lens but it didn't even work. I now use both on my 50mm that uses a 52mm thread.

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