Bringing Up Baby (1938)

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by coronet, May 18, 2007.

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    Why the FUCK is this movie so highly acclaimed? It's been cruising in and out of the IMDb Top 250 for years now, is on AFI's Top 100 movies, and I've heard other random praise.

    Well I saw it. With a classroom full of film students, to top that. No one found it interesting. Some funny jokes, very well done and justified actions... that's about it. This hasn't aged well unlike 'Mr. Deeds Goes to Town' or 'Top Hat'... why are we still holding onto it?

    "If you were to see only one slap stick comedy ever, see Brining Up Baby". OK, well most people are going to be raised on Disney and slap stick, so it's a little late for that. And are you sure? What about Airplane? Monty Python? Something newer?

    Film buffs, what am I not seeing in this movie?
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    User Comments:Arguably the funniest movie ever made

    I think its the power of context its placed in. Sometimes it doesn't always have to be extremely funny to score high eyes, in context it might have been a wonderfull movie in a time of depression just before the war broke out. Those scenes and images might have been gold in the times for the people who are old enough to remember it.

    So i suscribe it to other factors, to what make this movie appealing. Context + Time, also remember in a time where little amount of movies where made, poor ones had a bigger chance to stand out and receive attention. Also nowadays we are spoiled with special effects and high quality movies, i think the oldies can say 'that was a good movie for its time' which gives it a sort of 'hall of fame' status, and since the oldies usually create the charts, you'll find that movie in the top 250 regardless of what new movies come out.

    That's the only god given explanation i could possibly think of why an old timer like that stays in the charts.

    When you look at the ratings, you definitly see that younger people do not appreciate this movie,which only supports the claim that this an appreciated old timer amongs senior woman and men.

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