SRS Brother might be suicidal

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Seeders, Oct 22, 2009.

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    he lives in colorado, i live in southern california, and our parents live in northern california.

    hes 26. he called me yesterday saying it was the last time i'd talk to him and he wanted to tell me he loved me. he was very drunk and said he'd been drinking heavily for the past 3 weeks. his girlfriend and him have been fighting furiously the past few months. shes pregnant and due in december.

    hes a truck driver for Coors, so at least he has a job, but dealing with alcohol everyday probably doesn't help his problems.

    He told me today hes going to try AA again, though if you knew him, you'd understand why i dont believe its going to help much. its great that he knows he has a problem, but he just never goes through with anything like that.

    he just has no direction. he doesn't know what he wants to do, and doesn't know what he can do. he's homesick, but if he comes home hes going to get back into drugs with his friends which is why he moved to colorado in the first place.

    im only 23 and can barely make it month to month on my paycheck. what can i do? he needs goals. he needs something to work towards. i dont know what though.
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    He's using alcohol to fight the depression problems that are caused as a result of him fighting with his girlfriend. The alcohol is a symptom supressor and not a problem solver, if he has internet show him the road to recovery section in here and let him post about his problems, him calling you is a reach out for help, you must pursuade him into posting his problems in the road to recovery section, from there the guys will help him find his way to instead of just talking about AA , really going to AA. Id say create an account on off-topic for him, or alternatively let him mail you on what he wants to say in here, and you copy and paste the feedback from here to him.

    He basically should make 2 posts, one about his relationship problems that he should post in the asylum, and one about his alcohol problems which he should post in the road to recovery.

    Pursuade him as well to get relationshipship theraphy with his girlfriend, post here what the roots of his problems are so we can tackle this situation as well as give him a positive direction in life.

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