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    It's a new showtime original series, Brotherhood tells the story of two brothers who sometimes share a twisted sense of moral compromise — both with their own skewed, idealistic visions of what makes the American dream. They live the lie that noble ends can sometimes only be accomplished through dubious means.

    On August 19th from 8pm - 2am Showtime will air the first SIX episodes of Brotherhood. Don't miss your chance to catch up!

    I've seen only good comments/reviews about this serie, some quotes:

    “Summer's best new series…a primal Irish stew of gangsters, politicians and richly entertaining family drama.”
    - Detroit Free Press

    Compelling characters, believable storylines...'Brotherhood' scores …a new dawn for Showtime."
    -LA Times

    “Exceptionally good…HBO no longer has a monopoly on great television”
    -The New York Times

    Is anyone here into Brotherhood??


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