bsod, "ati2dvag" is blamed, but i think its the ram, help?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 01000101, Feb 10, 2004.

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    theres several ways that it messes up

    1. i start the computer, bios, windows load screen comes up and then freezes on the blue screen before the window that pops up before the logon window, with no text

    2. i start the computer, bios, windows load screen comes up and then freezes on the logon window, and it has lines across it (just the window, not the whole screen), and has no text

    3. i get past the logon screen and it freezes before it loads the desktop

    4. everything goes fine with the logon, windows starts up, zero or one icon appears in the system tray, and then freezes, then bsod

    5. windows startup lags, and it says the vpu has fugged and it has switched to software rendering and recommends a reboot.

    i get the error messages

    1. system has recovered from a serious error.


    2. system dectected a device failure and shut down to.. whatever

    it seemed to start fine and mainly have issues with rebooting. i installed the newest ati drivers just a week ago, and now it seems to mainly dislike starting up, rebooting seems to work more often

    it started doing this when i was running an nForce mobo, athlon xp 1400, winxp pro corp, and a radeon 7000. so i installed the newest drivers, still did it.

    now, im running a soyo dragon kt400 ultra, athlon 2600, winxp pro corp (wiped, formatted, reinstalled), and a radeon 9600 pro, and it still does it. the only thing i havent changed is the ram. im using a 256 that i bought almost 3 years ago, and a 256 kingston i bought around 2 years ago.

    i always have my firewall enabled, i always have antivirus running and scan once a week after updating the definitions, i run adaware and spybot, both after updates, once a week.

    the only thing i can think of is the ram, anyone else?

    i dont want to go out and buy replacement ram right now if i can help it, because next time i buy ram, im getting dual channel and i dont have the money for that right now.

    thanks in advance for your help

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