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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Go991ST, Feb 7, 2005.

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    Alrighty, my buddy asked me a question that I didn't really know the answer to so I told him I'd ask my pals at OT. :naughty: It's not a big deal, just curious for some opinions.

    OK: He's been bf/gf with a girl for 3 weeks, they "talked" for a month beforehand. He's wondering if when he takes her out on V-day if he should sign the card "love," cause he thinks it would be odd or maybe send a wrong message to just sign his name but then again doesn't want his woman to think he's desperate/rushing, etc.

    So I suggested just not giving a V-day card and just giving the normal dozen roses and taking her out to dinner.


    Oh yeah, also something I wanted to know, when using condoms with spermicide, how much does the risk of pregnancy go down?
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    as far as the card, signing it "love" i dont think is to much of a big deal...signing it, i love you, love blah is a different thing, but everyone signs card love...or "luv" workstoo, a little more casual i guess..
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    Yeah, "love" on a Valentine's card is so routine now that it doesn't carry as much weight as "I love you" or "Forever love". If he decides to give a card, go ahead and use "Love,". But I'd rather celebrate Valentine's with some flowers, as previously posted.

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