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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by DeadWrong00, Apr 4, 2004.

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    Would using a buffer with Scratch X, or polish and wax make a major difference in the appearance from the job i can do by hand? or is it just faster and easier?

    Also, any reccomendations on getting bug crap off my cars paint that would not even come off when claying? or did it bake on so long its there forever?

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    I use a Porter Cable random orbatal buffer that i use quite often. It definatly goes alot quicker in terms of breaking down polishes and light abrasives for removing swirls, and etching. ANd does alot better job of it then most could do by hand, sans Scottwax of course. ;) ANd in terms of speed by hand or by PC, PC is superiorly faster.

    As for Scratch-X it works well with a PC and a polishing pad. The one bummer of Scratch-X is that it is atill mostly just opticly filling swirls, rather then truely removing them with abrasive. Not exactly a bad thing...but most pros would prefer NOT to do that.

    As for applying waxes...i personally havent tried to many waxes with my PC. Ive used the Mothers liquid carnuba cleaner/wax (it comes free with my clay bar, so i tried it for shits and giggles), and thats about it. THe results where preaty good. However, i still didnt feel i got any better shine then i did with hand applying S100.
    FOr the most part, when it comes to paint cleaners, and waxes, i find hand application is best. WHen it comes to pure polishes, and abrasives...the PC is the way to go for me.

    Bug guts suck, they are very toxic, and can cause bad etching if not delt with imidiatly. It may be that the guts have etched your paint beyond the point of clay bar removal. And may need some heavy cutting compounds to be removed. Best of luck.
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    If you are going to use a buffer, spend the money and get a Porter-Cable. Seriously heavy duty and it will last years. Instead of Scratch X, I'd order some Meguiars DACP #83. It has diminishing abrasives and will physically remove scratches and then the abrasives break down into a very fine polish.

    Without seeing the bug guts personally, it is hard to say if they can be removed or if they have etched the finish.

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