Building a new system...couple questions

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by amill94, Oct 5, 2003.

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    Oct 5, 2003
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    First of all, I'm new to the board and love it.

    I'm going to be more or less upgrading my pc this month. Currently its a AMD K-7 Ahtlon 800mhz w/ 256mb ram..gigabyte mobo. I will be replacing this with a P4 setup. Only b/c I'm getting a huge deal I can't pass up. Its a 3.0ghz p4 w/ HT, the intel 865gbf mobo and windows xp pro for $199.99. I don't do alot of gaming. Actually hardly any at all. I only play medal of honor, and plan on playing half life 2 when it comes out. I only need to purchase ram. What brands do you recommend. the board will do dual channel ram too. I was thinking of Kingston Hyper X 400 DDR. I want to do a gig of ram. My main question is the mobo. It does both SATA and IDE. I have 2 drives I'm going to use with this computer from the existing one. They are both WD 80 gig 8mb cache drives. Would it be beneficial to go with SATA drives? I heard they weren't that great. Also, how would you rate this mobo. I never really like going with an intel board, but its part of the deal. I won't be using the integrated sound or video. What do you think?
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    Mar 10, 2003
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    I use the intel boards at work all the time. Very stable and very good customer service if you do ever need it.
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    But if you have two drives of the same type using SATA, can't you configure them as a raid array? Giving you quite a performance increase. Also, it's always best to get the fastest you can afford, means you won't have to upgrade till much later on :)
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    i run 512 Corsair XMS pc3200 on MSI mobo, and i love it. just don't skimp on your ram; get what you need and puyt some money into it. 512 is enough for most people (although i just ordered 512 more :bigthumb: ) mine cost 128 . if you get a gig or ram, i would go with 2 mtched 512 sticks, a little pricey, but good results

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