Building New Computer (can't decide on components to use)

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Darketernal, Aug 17, 2006.

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    What i want

    4 Gig Ram.
    400-750Gig: 10 000 rpm
    2 Intel extreme processors.
    + Mobo that allows 2 Intel extreme processors.
    and a decent (atx) case that will look nice with all of this.

    Heck, i know i should buy 4 gig Ram Corsair memory, however Im dying here however because i can't really decide how to put all of this together in terms of the rest of the components Problems as following..

    I wanted a WD Raptor to be precise but its only in 150 GB format.

    I wanted 2 Dual socket so i could put 2 intel extreme processors in the mobo, however i've YET to find a decend motherboard that supports this, so im stuck with 3 choices in terms of motherboards.

    GA-965P-S3 gigabyte
    ASUS P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP
    INTEL d975xbx

    So far i had terrible experiences with ASUS motherboards, although i usually never hear anyone else complain about them, anyway the gigabyte offers great technology, but the intel provides great stability. Im edging towards a gigabyte motherboard but still =\

    The problem is more complex tho these motherboards only have 1 IDE, and only 1 processor slot. Meaning it only supports 1 harddisk + 1 processor, and i have to make compromises.

    Lack of the availability of these components means i get a much slower system, with only 1 processor + 1 harddisk(with only 150 gb at 10 000 rpm or bigger disk ,lets say 500gb at(to my dislikement) 7200 rpm)

    Since i built my last computer(Its been a while) new technologies as SATA || controllers, and pci 16x have been develloped. But since im not a native english speaking person i can't find out wether SATA is a new type of IDE slot, or just a chipset(or software if you like) that controls the harddisks. Im also not sure if the new pci 16x that is designed for graphic cards still allows compatibility with AGP graphic cards. :hsd:

    You don't have to answer all the questions, even just highlighting 1 will be much appreciated. :wavey:
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    Concerning the CPU:
    It makes sense to use a mobo with an intel chipset if you're going to buy an intel CPU. However, if you really want quad-core, you can wait a year and pick up one (or two) of AMD's forthcoming quad-core Opterons.

    Concerning the HDD:
    If you're actually going to store 750GB of stuff on your computer, PLEASE build a RAID. 750GB is a lot of data to trust to a single drive. To that end, you'll want to use an offboard RAID controller (like an LSI or a PNY controller) so you can replace it if it dies; the onboard controller will not give you that option.

    3x 300GB Seagate SATA-2 drives will give you crazy bandwidth, 600GB of storage, and protection from total failure of one of the drives.

    Concerning other questions:
    SATA is actually derived from the new form of SCSI, called Serial Attached SCSI (SAS). As such, it is much better than IDE ever was.

    PCI-Express is not compatible with AGP. It is, however, faster than AGP and even older cards that are adapted for PCI-E will run much faster than their AGP versions can.

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