GUN Burglar gets shot in the ass, blames beer and whiskey

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    Intruder blames beer and whiskey
    By Steve Lannen
    [email protected]

    A man said yesterday "too much beer and whiskey" caused him to mistakenly climb through the window of his next-door neighbor, who shot him in the backside.

    In an interview at the Fayette County jail, Joshua W. Harrison expressed remorse over the Thursday night incident on Maddie Lane in the Masterson Station neighborhood.

    Shortly before 10 p.m., two female college students discovered someone coming through a window and called 911. As he entered, one of the women shot at him, Lexington police said. The women later learned it was Harrison, their next-door neighbor.

    Harrison, who has lived for four years at 3004 Maddie Lane with his girlfriend and their children, was taken to University of Kentucky Hospital, where he was treated and discharged. Police charged Harrison with burglary and he was arraigned yesterday afternoon in Fayette District Court.

    No charges are expected to be filed against the women, police said.

    Last night, Harrison, 27, looked surprised and ashamed when he was told police said he went through the window. "I did?" he asked. "I was just way too drunk to know what I was doing."

    Although he didn't recall what happened, Harrison stressed that he did not intend to intrude on his neighbors and apologized for causing the havoc. Harrison said he has been locked out of his own house before and has climbed through the window to get inside. He must have thought he was going through his own window, he theorized.

    "I would never burglarize my next-door neighbor and especially when they're home. Come on," he said. "I wish I could see them and tell them I'm sorry."

    Instead, Harrison remained last night in jail after a judge declined to reduce his $7,500 bond. Harrison said he had another charge for an unpaid fine. He expects to appear in court again Tuesday. He hopes the charge can eventually be reduced or dismissed.

    It is not Harrison's first trip to jail. Fayette County Detention Center records show a long list of arrests for minor offenses, including alcohol intoxication and receiving stolen property.

    An installer of flooring and carpets, Harrison said he wasn't sure if he still has his job or how long he would remain in jail.

    "I've probably lost everything because of this," he said.
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    What a dumbass

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