GUN Burglar Shot by Homeowner

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    NY Burglar Shot by Homeowner
    Last Update: Mar 27, 2007 4:40 AM
    Posted By: Laura Berryhill
    Police say a homeowner opened fire when he found a man breaking into his home over the weekend.

    The homeowner says it is time for everyone to fight back against criminals.

    "We're going to fight back. We're tired of it," Juan Nava told News 4 WOAI. "And I think everyone in San Antonio should, too."

    Nava says dogs alerted him to the break-in. He heard noises in the garage and decided to check it out, armed with a shotgun.

    Nava says 27-year-old Myron Williams saw him coming and ran into the home on Little Port. He fired after Williams allegedly punched his roommate.

    Williams is now recovering from the wound. He faces two burglary counts.

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