Burn DVD's without a DVD burner

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Red97GST, Feb 8, 2002.

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    I'm pretty sure all they tell you to do with their amazing knowledge is how to make a VCD of a DVD by ripping the audio/video with your DVD-ROM drive.

    If you are really interested in this time consuming process do a www.vcdhelp.com. They've got pretty much everything you would need, and it's free.
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    cool thanks
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    No problem. Just remember if you are going to try this it takes a long time to convert. Unless you have a brand new computer (Athalon XP or P4 with 512MB RAM) it will take about 3+ to convert a 1.5 hour movie. Good luck.
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    i got time :wackit:
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    What do you mean? The ad, or creating X(S)VCD, SVCD, or VCDs from your DVDs? I have personally done it, but for me it takes too long and the quality is not that great. If I am going to invest that much time into the procedure with my resources, I will jsut go out and spend the $20 for a dvd with all the features.
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    It is BS, you cant make a DVD backup with a CD-R(W) Burner, But like the others said u can make a SVCD,VCD, etc.., But Unless u have a fast processor it's not worth all the time and effort! The Picuture Quality and Sound of VCD is Fuckin horrible:o!
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    I have a Pioneer A-03 DVD-RW. I use it mainly for data storage and finalizing video projects. Renting and ripping DVD is a waste of time. I can understand if you are some poor teen who cannot afford to buy the DVDs. Still, if you have any money, you are much better of buying the the DVD.

    VCD's and SVCD's are ok for animations and music videos d/led from the net. SVCD is not bad for VHS tape conversion.

    everyone's favorite site....

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    anyone know when (if) the 9 gig DVD-Rs will become available?
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    the only thing I would buy a VCD of is DBZ DBGT shows n movies from Japan...
    most anime shops hav jacked up tapes anywayz....
    so the screwed up VCD might not be much better, but it can't be worse...
    anyways, don't they only play on CD-rom n DVD-rom drives on Windows media or sumthin' like that...
    u can't play a VCD in a DVD can u??

    i'm jus gonna wait for the price of a DVD-R burner n price of the DVD-R's to drop like at the end of the summer/ next fall some time.....
    by then they should be sub-$200
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    You CAN rip a DVD disc's content in full, just no way of burning it on a regular CD blank.

    Right now I've got a few DVD movies in their RAW format sitting in my harddisk. You can actually watch it off the hdd, but each movie is 5GB+.

    Just wait for the real thing to come out.


    well u can rip a dvd and compress it into a MPEG4 into a regular cd and it will keep the quality and sound of the dvd but u can only watch iton your computer, and it may take many hours to compress into a MPEG4
  14. Converting a DVD to an SVCD is a simple process (if you use an automated app like DVD2SVCD), but it's extremely time consuming as far as computer processing time goes. I did a rip of a rented DVD and it took about 15 hours on my P3-750.

    The quality of an SVCD is very good. A regular VCD looks awful, but SVCDs, if done properly, looks almost DVD-quality on a regular TV. It's far better than VHS, but not quite as good as DVD.

    Most SVCDs look much better than DivX, but they take up about twice as much room. Typically, you can fit about an hour per blank CD-R. So most SVCD movies are two or three discs.
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    head over here...www.kvcd.net

    rip dvd to one cd... (except for movie like lotr/pearl harbour, which fit to 2cd) and quality is pretty good...its looks and sound like a professional quality vcd...I've already burn 150 movies this ways
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    It's not as easy as it sounds. It's not complicated, but it takes a lot of time and multiple steps. You first have to rip the contents of the DVD to your hard drive using a ripper. Then you have to setup all the video and audio options to convert the DVD files into the format you want (VCD, DivX, SVCD, MPEG4, etc). This involves cropping the video to the correct size, setting compression ratios for video and audio, figuring out how much video/audio you can fit on each disc and how many you'll need, etc. Once you set all the settings, you start the encoding process which takes hours and hours, even on a fast machine. Unless you want the audio to be very quiet, you then have to resample the audio and make it louder. Then you have to burn it to CD (usually multiple discs). And the only way you can watch it on your DVD player is if you use VCD format. SVCD/DivX/MPEG4/etc will not work. And not all DVD players will read VCD format either. Also, VCD and SVCD do not support 5.1 audio. You get stereo and that's it.

    It's really not worth the trouble unless it's a movie that you can't get on DVD. Or if it's a different region movie that you want to be able to play on region 1 players or your computer. DVDs aren't THAT expensive. If the movie is worth owning, it's worth buying on DVD.

    Edit: www.divx-digest.com has loads of articles on how to do this. Also, i'm not positive but i'm fairly certain the PS2 won't play VCD.
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    its hard and time consuming in the beginning, but after a few week of trialing/testing, the whole process becomes routine...

    I do the whole thing when I go to sleep, and depend on what cpu you have (i have a p3 833) it takes me 7 hours to rip/convert/process...

    like I said, I've already done this more than 150 movies and friends and relative always visit me for movies...but then of course I get really cheap rental for dvd ($2 US) for a fortnight rental...

    you just need (p3 833mhz)

    smartripper -- (10-15min to rip)
    dvd2avi -- (30mins-1hour)
    Tmpenc with KVCD Template -- (6 hours to process)
    Nero -- 3 mins to burn to a 80min cdr

    PS.. DD 5.1 can be downmix onto the vcd, DTS cannot
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    Damn.. 150 movies? Your hard drive is probably fragmented as hell :eek: :rofl: :bigthumb:
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