Burned 22 yr old dude gets face transplant AND both hands replaced


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Mar 14, 2000
Silicon Valley, CA USA
JFC....good luck to this poor guy


Doctors hail first face and double hand transplant

Doctors in New York have performed the world's first successful face and double hand transplant.

Joe DiMeo, 22, underwent the 23-hour surgery, performed by a team of more than 140 healthcare workers last August.

A car crash in 2018 left Mr DiMeo with third-degree burns over 80% of his body. His fingertips were amputated and he lost his lips and eyelids.

He said the operation had given him a "second chance at life".

Mr DiMeo was on his way home from a night shift when he fell asleep at the wheel. His car crashed, bursting into flames.

He spent four months in a burns unit, which included time in an induced coma. Mr DiMeo then had more than 20 reconstructive surgeries but only regained limited use of his hands and face.

In 2019, he was referred to an academic medical centre in New York, NYU Langone, where he underwent transplant surgery last August.

Eduardo Rodriguez, director of the Face Transplant Program, said: "We wanted to give him not only an operation that made him look better, but it ultimately had to work ideally, especially with the hands."

Mr DiMeo spent 45 days in intensive care after the surgery and a further two months in hospital, where he had to learn how to open his eyelids and use his new hands......................



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Apr 3, 2002
Imagine how fucked up you would be looking in the mirror and having a different face. Wonder how that other dude is doing that had the face transplant

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