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  1. Satellite

    Satellite Guest

    Got a little bursitis in the knee. Flares up a bit after leg day. Heals in a day and a half. Only for the past month.

    Suggestions? I was going to start cutting, and I have a feeling this would really blow up when I up the cardio.

    Does glucosamine work? I already get plenty of fish oil.
  2. Satellite

    Satellite Guest

    I would prefer to lay off the NSAIDs.
  3. deadbolt

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    Apr 18, 2004
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    i used to get bursitis in my knee from rugby. it went away on its own eventually
  4. Satellite

    Satellite Guest

    Yeah, I had it in the same knee in college when I was playing football.

    It never flared up again til about a month ago.
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