GUN Bussiness owner disarms robber and kills him with his own gun

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    Man dead after scuffle with tire-shop owner
    Owner says he was changing tire when intruder pulled gun
    Wednesday, December 06, 2006
    Matthew Marx

    A tire-shop owner fatally shot a man who tried to rob his North Side business last night, police said.

    The same shop reported on Monday that a thief had broken in and taken $52,000 worth of tires and materials overnight.

    Columbus police homicide detectives were called last night to A & A Tire Shop, 4416 Westerville Rd., in a strip center just north of Morse Road.

    The owner, whose name wasn’t released by police, was changing a tire with a customer in the shop garage shortly before 7 p.m. when a man walked in and asked for money, police said.

    At first the man appeared to be a panhandler, but then his demeanor changed and he pulled out a gun and demanded money, officers said.

    The owner and the robber "scuffled," with the fight spilling into the parking lot, said detective Sgt. Christ Holzhauser

    There, the owner got ahold of the robber’s gun and opened fire, Holzhauser said.

    The robber, who was shot in the stomach, back and leg, was taken to Grant Medical Center, where he died a short time later.

    Investigators questioned the owner and the customer who witnessed the fight, and recovered the handgun in the parking lot.

    It wasn’t known if any charges would be filed in the case, Holzhauser said.

    Tony Moore, a cashier at the nearby 3-C Food Market, said he knew the tire shop owner as "Alfonso."

    He described him as a "lovely guy" who once changed his tire for free.

    "He’ll give you the shirt off his back," Moore said.

    The carryout where Moore works has a registered gun for protection, he said. But he hasn’t had to use it.

    "We get some people who are mad about prices sometimes, but that’s about it," he said.

    On Monday, the tire shop reported that someone had smashed a hole in the back of the building with a sledgehammer, then crawled through the space to get inside the shop, police records show.

    The thief or theives made off with $50,000 worth of tires and rims and ruined $2,000 worth of glass, brick and carpet.

    Police wouldn’t say last night whether the two crimes were related.

    Dispatch Photographer James DeCamp contributed to this story.

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    LA. State, not City.
    Good for him.
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    A man after my own heart. I've always thought it to be real justice when an asshole gets nailed by his own weapon by a good guy. :bigthumb:
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    They will probably charge him because he disarmed the guy then used his own weapon against him.. :(
  5. Great, we're better off without that guy. Though the owner had better show that the guy was still a threat to his life after he had been disarmed. The article says he was shot in the back... perhaps he was reaching for another weapon rather than trying to run away.

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