?????? Buy a Grand Cherokee or Lease a Sierra??????

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    OK here is my problem, I can only spend about $300 a month with $0 down, and I need a bigger vehicle due to a kid on the way. What would you choose? Lease a brand new 2005 GMC sierra extended cab, or buy a used (2001-2003) Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is the difference between a warranty, and no warranty.

    The dealer can get me into a Sierra for $289 with nothing down, but then I can't really mod the truck like I want to or go off-road (which might be better since I don't really have the $$$ anyway)

    If I buy Jeep for around teh same price I can do what I want to it and drive it like I want with worrying about the lease.

    What would you do and why?????

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