A&P buy one get one Picaboo books till 3/31

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    just wanted to say that Picaboo books are all buy one get one with coupon that is all over their site when you get teh software.

    For those who dont know, Picaboo is a photobook site, they are not really wedding albums per se but they offer them but they do make a nice photobook for just have a nice book. Once you got the software there are a bunch of templates for laying out and resizing your pics and there are a shit ton of backgrounds from a library of user submitted ones or use your own.

    when we were in Disney, my daughter got a number of autographs, I got pics of her geting the autographs as well as pics with her and the characters. I took the signatures, cleaned them up and made sure teh background was white and the pics and made pages of them for her to have her own book . Paid 61 bucks shipped and got 2 books, hardcover linen, 8.5"x11". One for my daughter to keep in her room and one for my wife to keep safe with other family stuff just in case

    just thought I would share

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