Buying a Blackberry on eBay

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Ballapeño, Oct 2, 2007.

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    My trusty ol' Nokia is on the verge of being on the fritz so I've been dabbling with the dark underworld of buying a Blackberry on eBay. I have been specifically looking at either the 7280 or the 7290. After reading some stuff online about this life-altering purchase, it seems to be a very hit or miss experience. You either have people who did well with it and those who have had some horror stories with it. So my questions are:
    1-Can I just get the SIM card from the Nokia (I have an AT&T phone already and would be staying with their evil contract) and pop into the Blackberry?
    2-Should I go ahead and plunk down $60-$75? Is it gonna be worth any potential headache?
    3-Will I be needing a data plan? I don't plan on browsing the web or sending email. Just making phone calls, texting and synching my stuff from iCal (which if I am reading the intrawebs right, there is now Mac-compatible software for this.)


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