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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by megabitch3000, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. hey guys been looking at corsets lately and we are going to get one - how do you know what kind or what size to get - do they run like bra sizes do you go smaller, larger, with straps with out? any input is much appriciated :)
    thanks - tracey

    mods- i put this here casue i dont think anyone anywhere else could help! move if ya need to - but me thinks its better in here
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    i was told u are suppose to go two sizes down... im regualrly a 34 and i went with a 32... since the place i got mine from didnt have a 30... i didnt get straps but ill prolly go back next month and get one with straps :naughty: i love mine its soo pretty good luck with it... :wiggle:
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    Fixed it for least thats what we were told at a shop here in town. :dunno:

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    I know Phantom Empress has explained it before but I don't remember :dunno: no help, sorry

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    found it ~ Info from PE

    Sizing. to acuratel measure for a real corset you need to know her true waist measure and the true bust measure. So the waist measure, the measurement in inches around the waist atthe level of the belly button. the true bust measurement is around the bust at the widest point (usually over the nipples). For a waist reducing corset you get the waist size minus 2 to 4 inches. with the corset closed. the bust size will be the bust size minus about 2 inches. for a Victoria's secret type corset, it's by bra or dress size.
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    how do you find vickis corsets? Do you have to go online. Never have seen them in the stores
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    Aug 10, 2004
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    i've got a corset from vic's..but i've noticed they haven't had them in the stores for a while. You would probably really have to go someplace less soft than Vic's to find a really good one.
  8. thanks for the info thus far - he is talking about some shop that makes custom ones too - :dunno: he says what i need and i agree :big grin:
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    I can usually be sinched into a 32 or 34.. depending on the corset.

    Check out ebay and I like this site
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    is there any other sites that make corsetts that are maybe a little bit modern looking i checked out the site pe, put up nice.... but thats too much for my taste.
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    megabitch when you get yours post and tell us about it. :wavey:

  12. oh i will dont worry - you know me i like to share :naughty:
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    For some odd reason, that statement made me happy in the pants... :wiggle:
  14. oh really :naughty: making people happy is a good thing - in the pants is a better thing!!!
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    Not too difficult, I assure you - I just have to recall those pics of yours that were floating about on FS when I first joined (back in January of this year) bent over and showing off that splendid ass.


    Sorry 'bout the threadjack - we return you to your regularly scheduled corset topic.
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    you want to start with one that is 4 inches smaller than your current waist size.

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