Buying a S2000 at an out of state dealership....

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by THE REAL DEAL, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. What's the best way to go about doing this with cash? Should I find someone that lives close and knows what they're doing to test drive it?
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    Can't you go to the place yourself?

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    Im assuming the car is used? If so whats so special about that one that you couldn't find one in your state? If you know someone that lives there, I'd have them look it over and if you decide to take it have the dealership hold it until you get there. Or maybe send them a small deposit to hold it while you make arrangements to get there.

    I bought my Charger from a dealer in Minneapolis, but it was new. I didn't even test drive it. Called em up, told em what I wanted, gave me a hell of a price, flew down the next day picked it up and drove it home.

  4. well assuming it could be 3-4 hundred miles away, i don't really wanna waste my time and money if the car is shit.
  5. yeah it's used. the one i've been looking at here has 113,000 miles and they want $13990 for it. i've found other ones on autotrader for around the same price with 60 to 70 thousand miles. used s2000s are hard to come by when you're only looking at dealers. the weird thing about it is that with that many miles, that's cheaper than the blue book yet there's other dealers selling it for the same price with way less miles. and the reason i'm not going with a private party sale is because i'm probably gonna have a capital one blank check and you can only use it at a dealer.
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    that price is way too high. way, way too high.
  7. yeah i've given up on that one

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