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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by whoarnti, Apr 8, 2004.

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    Ok so I lost weight and got cut so now in the past year I have been buying all new clothes. I tried on my coat the other day for a business casual thing I was supposed to attend for school. The coat is huge now. Whoever said your coatsize really doesnt change, yeah, wrong.....

    I was thinking, now that I'm 22 it is time to buy a suit. Banana Republic is having a sale now and thats what really got me thinking. I dont really want a navy blue suit but instead a gray one (yeah its gray not grey, AP style is a bitch). I got to thinking, although I can save 200 on a charcoal suit I wonder if black is not a better choice. I have like 9 nice solid color shirts that range from typical black to white and from intereting colors like cranberry to aqua (no straight up prime colors but good interesting colors that look great).

    Can I wear colors like aqua, bright blue (think cruel intentions when sebastian shows up at the train station), maroon, etc. with charcoal?? If I can I would love to get a suit now, otherwise I will just bite the bullet, but not at this instant.



    BTW, If it helps, I am a shorter man, 5'6 with good athletic build and 8% body fat (says more than saying, athletic as far as tubbyness goes)
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    I have a black suit... I didn't want to have multiple suits and wanted something that I could use for anything... and I have solid colored shirts like you.
  3. Taylor

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    I wear a suit about 2-3 times a year if that, so I can't afford to go by seasons ;)

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