buying a used car? v. CA

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by cam0man, Oct 10, 2007.

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    I'm moving to CA on friday (bay area) and I gotta buy a car at some point this weekend. My company is giving me a rental for the time being, but I want to get it quick. If I buy it from a private party, what's the procedure?

    Give the guy all the money, get the title, bring it to the DMV, get plates, go back, pick up the car and drive it home??

    I've never bought a used car from a stranger before, my last car I bought off my grandfather who dropped it off at my house and I threw on my old plates from my mom's old car. I figured if I bought it from a dealer they'd probably do all that for me, right? and I'd just drive it away right after I bought it?

    I'm from MA, where have a lemon law out here where all cars need a 30 day warranty from the seller...anything like that in CA?

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