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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by thegeneral, Nov 12, 2002.

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    Has anyone bought speakers off Ebay? The auction says "brand new in box" and I am wondering if it's worth the risk.

    I've heard that they don't have serial numbers on them and that's a huge problem -- but I don't know for sure. The auction also says that they have the FULL WARRANTY with them, which I find hard to believe. How does the warranty work anyways? Through Focal, right? I just send in the S/N to them or something?

    Here is the auction if you would like to take a look at it....

    Thanks in advance for any info you guys can provide. :bowdown:
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    For that kind of cash, I would be buying from an authorized dealer. I have no idea if Focal would honor the warranty, although I think they may have to under law.

    Why exactly are you spending so much money on a pair of component speakers anyways?
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    Well looking at his feedback, he seems legit. Though as far as warranty goes, it depends if he's an authorized dealer for Focal or not. I'm not sure about this, but I do know that a lot of companies do not allow internet sales so if you do buy over the internet, your warranty is void with the company. If they are still claiming a warranty, then it's probably the person you're buying it from who will be servicing your product if something goes wrong.

    That may or may not be a good thing. Good because you're still being covered. Bad because it's their policy and they may not be repaired to the same factory standards. If you are really interested in getting those speakers, I would definitely find out if he is an authorized dealer. If not, buy them from a place that is authorized, like

    When you're spending that much money, I think it's a little better to spend a little more for that extra peace of mind that you get with the factory warranty.
  4. 04

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    :werd: I agree completely. I would be better safe than sorry with such an expensive pair of speakers.
  5. thegeneral

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    Well, seeing as the speakers are obviously brand new... how important is a warranty? What are the advantages of having one? From what I know, if you blow the speakers or anything, you can get a new one hassle free, is this true? It seems too good to be true. :dunno:
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    Well, what if they are broken on arrival and you have no warranty on them? Or what If you blow them after a few months and need to get a few of the drivers reconed?


    888-340-4403 call them tomorrow and ask them what type of warranty they come with :o

    oh well lack there of ha ha youll be lucky if those drivers come with serial numbers most of the Focal stuff sold online has no serial number. No serial number = no warranty

    if you bought from that guy you are risking many things but number one is if they break you sernd to him and then he probably sends to someone else etc but with out a serial number focal wont touch em
  8. thegeneral

    thegeneral Guest

    Hmmm... yeah, and thats not even the greatest price. I could just pay another 300 for complete piece of mind I guess. :dunno:

    ...although I'm already WAY over my budget. :wtc:

    These speakers better be good. :o
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