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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Oderus Urungus, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. Has anyone ever thought of doing this?? Not so much as a serious investment but just to say that you own a very small piece of the company. I always thought that would be so cool:big grin:

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    sounds :cool:
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    I thought they weren't listed on the US stock market? :confused: Otherwise I would have invested in them back in high school for my econ class.
  4. They're on the Osaka Stock Exchange. I looked them up on their website
  5. Nintendo of America is on the market. Its listed as NTDOY. I bought 200 sharees last week when their stock was at 11 bucks a share. I have a feeling it will go up signifigantly over the next few months as their big titles are released
  6. jonbhere

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    That would be sweet, and now would be the time with their new titles about to be released
  7. Yep. Thats why I bought mine now. Not to mention buying stock in Rockstar games as GTA VC is coming out in two weeks. My stock in them has already gone up 5 bucks a share since i bought it.
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    You must mean ~$11? As of closing date on Oct 10th, 2002-the stock is at $11.00 flat, lowest in Nintendo history.

    But thank for the info... I'll keep that in mind. Record shows that Nintendo stock have been running $13-$25 on and off steady since December 2001. Dec 2001 was around the time that GC got released so it doesn't look at its strong point.

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