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    so, I have noticed that on newegg, Intel's C2D E6550 Conroe 2.33ghz (4mb L2 cache, 1333mhz FSB) is cheaper than the C2D E6420 Conroe 2.13ghz (4mb L2 cache, 1066mhz FSB). It has been this way since I noticed that there was an e6550.
    e6550 - $178.99
    e6420 - $186.00
    e6400 - $199.00 (same as e6420 but with half the L2 cache)

    Is the E6420 better in any way, or the e6400 for that matter?? As far as I can tell the only difference b/n the e6400 and the e6420 is the L2 cache size, which is inversely related to price. And then my main point is that the e6500 and e6420 are the same in every category except FSB and the core's clock speed, which are again inversely related to price...

    buy the e6550? or is there something not in newegg's specs that account for the pricing?

    [ps, sorry if anyone read the initial posting of this, I hit the wrong button and saved it prematurely]
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    The pricing maybe due to the e64xx chips being old stock. Lasts month's price drop only affected the quad-core chip, and the e6550 may have been introduced at the time at a lower price than the e64xx. Get the e6550 if you have or plan to get a motherboard that supports the faster FSB.
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    yes, the july price cuts was only for the new chips
    newegg and other retailers paid full price for the old chips so it's not easy to sell them for a loss.
    many will still buy them at that price because not all have motherboards that can support the 1333MHz chips.

    as for which chip is better,....

    the e6550 is cheaper, has a higher clock speed, has G0 stepping (higher TCase), and has all the errata from the old chips fixed.


    the e6420 is considered by many as the "sweet spot" for overclocking.
    this chip is just begging to be overclocked.

    here's a comparison between the 2 chips.

    an easy scenario: DDR2-800 ram, 400MHz FSB, default multiplier

    note that intel chips are quad pumped:
    e6420 = 1066MHz FSB / 4 = 266
    e6550 = 1333MHz FSB / 4 = 333

    e6420 (266 * 8) = 2.13GHz
    e6550 (333 * 7) = 2.33GHz

    e6420 (400 * 8) = 3.2GHz
    e6550 (400 * 7) = 2.8GHz
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