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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Caffeine Slug, Jan 22, 2002.

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    I saw an ad this week where you get a free HDTV receiver with the purchase of any HDTV (excluding models with an integrated receiver), which seems like a great deal. Now I'm thinking about getting one, but I have no idea how everything's connected. As it stands now, this is how the cable in my room is set up:

    wall --> cable box --> vcr --> tv

    I change channels with my cable box remote. How will things change if I get an HDTV and receiver? Is the receiver like a pass-through box that just goes right after my vcr? Can I still change channels on the cable box? I can't really get rid of it, otherwise I lose all of the digital tv channels (everything above 22).

    For anyone in the Phoenix area, how many channels are broadcast in HDTV? Is the difference noticeable? Do you need to do anything special to switch between those and "regular" channels?

    I know it's quite a few questions. Any answers would be appreciated. :)
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    I don't have cable so, I can't answer your 1st question. As for how many HDTV OTA in Phoenix, we have ABC (15-1), and NBC (12-1) (real HDTV 80% of the time), FOX (31-1), WPN (26-1 and 2), and CBS (5-1 and 2) just broadcast in SDTV. PBS (8-1) is broadcasting 100% HDTV, and 8-2 is SDTV.

    Is this the deal from Ultimate Electronics?


    im sure the deal at ultimate is what your talking about and those are the channels that we get local you will NEED to buy an antenna and it plugs into the hd receiver

    so until you upgrade to sat services those are the only hd channels youll get

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