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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by victoria17, May 26, 2002.

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    I just got a new apartment in Fairfax, VA. I was considering getting a DirectTv Satellite dish as well as DirectTv DSL but DSL isnt available in my area... I'd appreciate any ideas that you can offer for other services... TIA.

    - Victoria
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    call up your cable company and ask if they have service in your area. Cable is faster than DSL anyway. If service is available, tell them you only want Cable Internet. The TV cable and internet cable run off the same signal. So after the installer comes to install your modem and cable internet all you have to do is run a line of cable to your TV and you now have both for the price of one. Best way to go IMO.

    p.s. - remember...tell them you want JUST the cable internet. If you tell them you only want TV cable, then you will not have internet free because they need to assign you an IP address, password, and UserID. Just FYI
  3. The cable company in my area has a filter that they use for people that just want internet service. It blocks all channels on the line except the one that the internet uses.
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    find the filter outside your apt. or house..
    switch out the filter w/ regular cable line....
    there u go
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    no, the modem finds the signal it needs as does the cable box, tv or whatever.. generally these outlets are called "data serviceable".. meaning they go straight to where the cable comes into your house.. and is not split off in any way.. therefore offering the strongest signal possible.

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