Cadillac Sixteen = teh 0wn

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Coma Black, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. Coma Black

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    Did anyone see the pictures or read the preview of the GM engineering sample in Motor Trend? That thing owns. V16 with 1000 horses, and the stance enough to scare off pretentious luxury saloon drivers.
  2. Megaman

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    Hell ya! I saw it at the New York autoshow! That damn thing is a beast! It just has something about it that kicks so much ass! I really hope they actually keep this excellent concept! I thought the idea that you can turn off some of the cylinders was kinda cool.
  3. Bad Mojo

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    "Displacement on Demand" becomes reality next year in some of GM's truck models last I heard.
  4. TriShield

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    The V12 version of that engine is on the way, but it's a shame the rest of the car isn't.
  5. .Tony.

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    The V-12 is not related in any way to the Sixteen's engine. The Sixteen's V16 is a pushrod derivative of the LS1, whereas the V-12 is a DOHC motor, somewhat related to the NorthStar.

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