MMA Cage Warriors : Enter the Rough House 3

Discussion in 'OT Bar' started by Binary Soldier, Jul 26, 2007.

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    Jun 21, 2007
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    I was lucky enough to be allowed to cover the latest CageWarriors event here in the UK this past Saturday (for anyone who may not of heard of them, there are the second biggest organisation here after Cage Rage).

    Well hope you guys don't mind me posting a link to the report I did, this was the first event I had ever covered on a professional basis. There are a ton of pics from the event should you wish to see them (link is at the bottom of the page)..

    Will be covering quite a few more this year here in England.

    This is the Report the rough house 3.html

    Ian Freeman was the MC, he really made the crowds laugh with his jokes.

    Thanks guys :)
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    Southern Canada
    how common is it for a guy to be named "Ashley" in the UK?

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