Calling AppleCare today :noes: v. Hot Macbook Pro

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by fixthe fernback, Mar 27, 2007.

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    so I've been trying to play command and conquer 3 (in windows), but after like 30 mins, the computer shuts off. This tears it, I'm assuming it's because of the heat. It's always hot! I tried this last night:

    I ran [email protected] (so both CPUs were at 100% the whole time) for an few hours WHILE playing Prey in a window (this is within OSX) and running Xbench many times. The computer was unbearably hot just above the keyboard at the base of the monitor. It didn't crash. I figured that OSX might have a higher temperature tolerance or something. I stop the CPU+GPU rape and just let it idle when I sleep. I wake up this morning and it's just as hot :mad:. It's on a flat surface, the room is cool, and sun is not hitting it.

    So I'm going to call apple. What should I tell them to get them to fix this thing? They say they don't support Boot Camp, but it's the Laptop that shuts off while playing a game in windows. It doesn't restart or blue screen, it just shuts off. Will this be enough reason for them to look at it? Should I also tell them about the CPU whine I get (I have an early-gen MBP)?

    Gimme your ideas, I suck at sweet-talking people into things, so I need all the cannon fodder I can get, so maybe they'll fix it (hopefully with a new laptop or something :x: )

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