Camcorder help/advice needed!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by assclown, May 6, 2003.

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    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a Camcorder this week. I read a bit about them, but still need some advice on what to get. Anything I should look for, or stay away from?

    What I really need is something that's good at night outdoors. For example, if I go to the track to record races, I would need something that's good in the dark with a good zoom that won't blur.

    Is digital worth it rather than analog?

    I honestly don't want to spend TOO much on it, but I have some $$$ to spend, so I'm open to any/all suggestions. Any, and all help is very much appreciated!
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    If you are thinking of using the zoom a lot.. DON'T GET DIGITAL ZOOM.. since it's digital the closer you get the more pixelated the image becomes.. you don't want that.. get something with a high optical zoom.

    For outdoors you want something with a "Backlight" feature which if your subject is in front of a bright background.. like a sunny day it'll wash out the backgorund so the foreground isn't all dark. It's also good for indoor use which is what it's intended for.

    And if you are planning on filming in the dark.. well buy something with a low lux level.. or just buy something that has a night shot feature.

    I would recommend getting a MiniDV camcorder.

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