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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by hax0rkill3r, Mar 21, 2006.

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    I need a camcorder that can obtain a small depth of field... Preferabley a 3ccd or an hd... I was debating between the DCR-VX2000 or HDR-HC1. Anyone have any experience with Cannon or Panasonic?

    I was wondering if a wide angle conversion lens would help with the blurring... I was thinking that because the wide angle lens kinda "zooms out" to give you more view I could zoom in more which would increase the the blurryness.. Maybe im thinking about this all wrong.. maybe I need a telephoto lens... can some one tell me which one would be better?

    I was reading about the tiffen SOFT/FX 3 filter... It makes the dv footage look for like movie footage... I was wondering if anyone here uses it and how well does it work?

    Does anyone here use Premiere or AE to get a 24 pulldown effect? Does yours look choppy? How does it compare with using ad-ins such as magic bullet?

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