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    I want to fix up my car (98 maxima... nothing special, doesn't even have alloys) in a few ways... Just shine and perhaps fix some scratches in the paint if I can do it.

    I read the product thread and it sounds like I'll need a compound to fix both a few scratches on the trunk area and also there are some weird spots on the hood about the size of silver dollar, but aren't too visible unless you're literally 2 feet away (think it's just weathered spots that had any protective coating stripped and the paint has faded).

    My question is whether I'll be able to afford the minimal products needed to do the outside of my car...

    I'd need at least the compound/cleaner, sealant, and wax (and the supplies I'd need to use these products... I've got all the basic stuff for washing and cleaning out the inside already)...

    There is a list of each product in the product thread but I'm not sure which would be ideal based on price and performance...

    Ideally I'd be spending <100 on an amount of things that would allow me to do this car and have enough left over for my dad to do his two cars or me to redo mine, let's say 5 uses (don't know if this is a lot or a little, but sounds like a nice number).. will that be enough for what i need? Also if I could get some reccomendations on which products are best for my situation I'd be very appreciative.
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    Without a PC, you are kind of limited. Meguiars #80 Speed Glaze, Optimum Polish or Poorboy's SSR2 are about as aggressive as I'd use by hand. You should also get a polish with light swirl removal and filling capabilities like Clearkote's Vanilla Moose. I'd probably finish with Carnauba Moose or Poorboy's Natty's Blue since both are pretty goof proof. Another option is #80 and Meguiars NXT, only two steps and should look really good. A quick 3 step option is using Optimum Polish and buff it off with Optimum Car Wax (which is a spray wax that lasts around 3 months!) and then add another coat of OCW. Two coats of wax in about the same time as it takes to apply one.

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