can i mix pc2700 and pc3200 ram?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by who?, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. who?

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    can i have 2 pieces of ram, 1 is 512 pc2700, the other is "x amount" pc3200 ram on the same motherboard?

    and to save bandwidth, how can i check what agp can my mobo go up to?
    the video card right now is currently 4X agp...but i want to know if i can support 8x

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    check out the motherboard manufactuers website about the AGP 8X

    and the ram should work but @ 333 mhz.
  3. spinflip

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    If you mix memory speeds the lower speed (your 2700) will set the speed. So the 3200 ram will be working at 2700 speeds (but it will be working). Damnit I just realized I said the same thing as lowfat.
  4. who?

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    i understodd your explanation much better though, spinflip..
    thanks to both

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