Can someone answer this question about HD recievers?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by cgblacklude, Jul 9, 2004.

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    Ok so my cousins TV is HDTV and he recieves his HD signal through a cablebox to his TV.

    Ok i have a HD-ready tv and was looking into buying a reciever for it but i was a little confused when i went circuitcitys webste to view different recievers. All their recievers are called HD recievers - off-air. SO in the discription they say "When connected to a digital TV monitor and standard antenna, this receiver will deliver and decode free, over-the-air digital programming" WTF so im confused. SO they they send the signal to those junky old rabbit ears? And it says decode free over the air...soooo i only get a few channels that are publicly provided and free for everyone?

    Sorry if this question sounds dumb to some of you, im just really confused haha. THank you for replys.
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    OTA HD recievers will do just that, decode local over the air HD signals. Im pretty sure if you get HD cable or sat. your service provider will provide you with the appropriate box.
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