GUN Can someone check my ring height math?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by AustinL911, Jul 30, 2008.

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    Scope = Falcon Optics Merlin 4-14x56
    Rifle = Savage 10FCP HSP
    Base = EGW 1-piece 20MOA (so scope will be angling towards the barrel)
    Rings = Most likely Burris XTRs
    -Low = .25"
    -Med. = .50"
    -High = .75"
    -X. High = 1.00"
    (all are measured from top of base, to bottom of tube)

    Base height = ~0.400" from top of receiver radius, to the tip top of the base.

    Scope objective diameter = ~2.520"
    Scope objective w/ stock cover = ~2.655" (will be using this measurement as I'll probably be using Butler Creek covers)

    Tube diameter = 30mm = ~1.185"

    Figure in ~0.125" extra height for wiggle room.

    The top of the barrel is also a bit lower than the top radius of the receiver, so that will be a bit of a buffer as well.

    So, with those measurements outta the ways, here's my math:

    (Objective dia. - tube dia.)/2 + 0.125" (buffer) = total height needed
    (2.655" - 1.185" = 1.470")/ 2 = 0.735" + 0.125" = 0.860" total heigh needed to clear receiver w/ 0.125" of wiggle room.

    So, 0.860" - 0.400" (base height) = 0.460" total right height needed. = Medium rings needed.

    0.50" ring height seems a bit low for a 56mm scope, even with all the buffers I'm throwing in there.

    Is my math right?

    Sorry for the long-winded post, but I want to be sure.
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    Just call Burris and tell them what you are using and they will help you out. I talked to them about mine and they are quite helpful with that.

    FWIW, I have a 10FP with a 0moa EGW base. I have a 30mm tube scope with a 50mm objective. I'm using the medium height Burris XTR rings. There is still plenty of room for a larger objective so you definitely do not need anything larger than the mediums.

    I could fit lows on there in terms of the objective, but you also have to be careful about the eyepiece too. I need at the mediums in order to clear the bolt handle on it, though my scope does have a rather large eyepiece on it.

    I'd say you're certainly safe with mediums, you can maybe go low if you have a scope without too big of an eyepiece on it.

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