COMIC Can someone elighten me on the new eva box set?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by VicenteFox, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. VicenteFox

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    Sep 15, 2001
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    i was browsing the future release list at work and there was a neon genesis box set coming out next month. Ok so is the every episode AND the movies? i've never seen eva and i hear alot of good about it, is this what i should seek out instead of getting the box set and the movies? it's 44.95 retail.
  2. TerryMathews

    TerryMathews Guest

    It's just the two movies (Death & Rebirth and End of Evangelion) bundled together.
  3. keroberos

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    Jan 16, 2002
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    i doubt its the series and the movies, the series was done by ADV and the movies where done by Manga. i think its the remastered collection.
  4. apathy

    apathy Guest

    Hmm, I bought a 'box set' off (aussie ebay) that has all episodes and both movies, but I dont know if its a box set AND the movies or a box set WITH the movies.. if you know what I mean.. not sure as it has not been delivered *

    * nor have I paid yet, i dont have the money :o the guy is going to be pissed when I make him wait 2 weeks :o
  5. TerryMathews

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    apathy: that's called a bootleg. Gamestop can't sell bootlegs - it's against the law.

    vicentefox: It's the two movies in a box. AFAIK Manga is literally just putting the two movies that are already available together in an artbox. IMO Death & Rebirth isn't worth owning. It's a summary of the TV show and the beginning of End of Evangelion, but if you don't watch the TV show you don't get enough info to truly understand it. Catch-22.
  6. apathy

    apathy Guest

    nah its not a bootleg, i just didn't explain too well..

    i meant: I'm not sure if its a box set or just auctioning it as a bundle
  7. RDB

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    Jul 12, 2001
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    there is a new box set out in japan that is all the episodes and movies in one box set. it however has no subs.

    for 44.95 its a HK Bootleg set...
  8. TerryMathews

    TerryMathews Guest

    And it's also OOP and rare as hell. Which means expensive as hell.

    Nope, original poster said (in so many words) it was an item that GameStop is going to carry. $5,000 says it's the two Manga DVDs (Death & Rebirth, End of Evangelion) in a box. Basically, this.
  9. apathy

    apathy Guest

    hmm I took delivery of a boxed set containing all episodes on 4 discs, and a fifth disc containing the two movies.

    all discs in one foldy-box thing.

    not a bootleg...
  10. TerryMathews

    TerryMathews Guest

    This one? Um, yeah it's a bootleg.

    First rule of thumb: If it's all regions, it's a bootleg. There are a few exceptions, but very few.

    Second rule of thumb: Chinese AND American subtitles makes it pretty likely it's a bootleg.

    Third rule of thumb: A studio isn't going to cut the number of DVDs in a series in half just because they feel they're charging too much. The real EVA set is 8 DVDs for the TV show plus 2 DVDs for the movies. 10/5 == 2.

    Bootlegs these days are very good. But it's still theft. You may as well have downloaded them. Hell, the subtitle quality on the fansubs would have probably been higher. Sorry.
  11. apathy

    apathy Guest

    It is multi region, yeah.

    Its the dub, not a sub, so the *content* is official

    After very very close examination of the box, it has in tiny writing a yahoo email address [email protected]

    suspicious :squint:

    either way, its the content that is important (to me) and this is the original english dub.

    an argument to oppose mine would be "but you paid for a bootleg" and my rebuttal would be "to me the consumer, it is no different than an original"

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