SRS Can someone explain life and the world to me?

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    The world is a crazy place because the world consists of billions of people. These people are capable of interacting with one another in any way that their imagination can conceive. Every single person has a different background from everyone else. The differences that exists in the world are so extreme in some cases. Some people live their lives in prison, while at the same time, some people are free to enjoy everything life has to offer. Some people have lived until they were 120 years old. Some die as young adults. I am captivated at the extremely different legacies that 2 individuals can leave behind. The workforce is intriguing as well. You work at a job for a given amount of time. You get to know the others that work there. Eventually everybody moves on. Your manager finds new work, your co workers found new work, and yet the establishment stays. It is once again very though provoking once you realize that every so often, there is a new team of workers which consists of entirely different people who are once again working for the same establishment and following the same rules that the previous generation followed. Once again, this new team will eventually move on and others will come to fill the positions and somehow society will continue to thrive. Another dark spot which I want to shine a light on is individual will. Every single person has their own memories. Even if their memories are shared with someone else, each person that shares that single memory has a different perspective of that single memory. A different perspective on perhaps every single examinable aspect of that memory. For example, their perspectives differ on important things like the significance of that memory as an event in their lives, and also even on minute things like the order of events that make up that memory. All this memory crap is consistent with ones experiences. Once experiences make up onces personality. Your personality is controlled by your mentality. Your mentality is constantly changing because your environment is constantly changing because everyone else around you is constantly changing because of things that are beyond their control. Everything in the world, in life, in society, is just one huge chain reaction that never stops and, in fact, circles itself like a mobius strip. It is infinitely complicated.

    After having these marathon thoughts, I come to conclusions about some things. Like that I am not significant. Other things I can't decide. Like is it better to think about how the world is working or just worry about yourself and your goals and the world will work balance out?

    Can someone explain life and the world to me? If not, can anyone at least lay down some consistent and universal truths? Some rules to live by?
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    I often walk this mental path and always conclude that time is better spent on other things.
    I accept the irrelevance of the unknown (and often defeating or terrifying vastness of it) then take great delight in that after having thought of how many mind boggling variables creation could have come to, I still ended up in existence.

    Life is. The World is.
    In all probability there isn't a universal Why,
    and I don't think the world would change if we knew otherwise.
    Just live your life and be as happy as you can
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    I think you need to read the bible... seriously, who better to explain life and the world than Jesus? Doesn't have to be the whole thing, just read Matthew or Paul or something along those lines. I think it will help you tremendously.
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    I would suggest that your parents probably disagree. However, want to feel really insignificant, learn about space. Work your way from Earth to the Universe and learn about the distances involved, the number of stars or how terribly tiny we humans are in comparison to the size of the universe.....we're barely noticeable.
    Why can't you do both? Better and worse are value judgments. My idea of better may not be the same as yours or anyone elses.
    Prolly not but your question isn't specific enough.....explain it in what way?

    You sound more like you want to know something that doesn't change over time but rarely is that ever found. Most people find it in religions, however, this isn't always true because religions also change.

    You can fight change or accept that change is inevitable. There's nothing we can do to stop it from happening. I spent much of my life fighting I accept and embrace it. Change makes life interesting but most people fear what they don't know.

    I've found a trick is simply to trust in the processes and to accept that change doesn't always mean bad things. In fact, the less I try to control change, the better my life has become. So I try to just have fun and enjoy the journey.

    One last suggestion....break your thoughts up into separate paragraphs. It's really annoying to read in it's present form.
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    You only have one life, enjoy it to the fullest. Its that fucking simple. Also, dont hurt others.

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    That's right the collective behavior, action and thought of billions of people make up the world as we presently know it. Once single person can shift the consciousness of billions, by creating themselves in a particular way, which may lead to a particular result. Thomas Edison as an example, Albert Einstein, Jesus Christ. There are many lesser known people who have changed and continue to change your life each day, by the objects you interact with, such as medications, antibiotics, or the foods you eat, the computer use.

    That's right. Each person is a mirror, a representation of the actions, beliefs, behavior, of one, or more, human beings. From birth we are literally programmed, our new hard drives begin storing data at rapid rates. The machine eventually becomes conscious of it's own being, and thus extends it's being upon the world -- choosing, aware, and now one among many who will also serve as a mirror for others. Others will build who they are, and who they will become off their experiences with you, and you off them. We are relative in our experience, our love, our hate, our judgment.

    Some are unfortunate, some are not. What you put into children, is what you get out. Those who experience crime, violence, and ongoing dysfunction from parents who are or were involved in that activity, are significantly more likely to follow that behavior, as their "role models" -- their "Mirrors" dictated that world to them. We have multiple variables. Illness of all sorts, genetic vulnerabilities, toxic environments, stress. In our world people do the best they can given their model of that world. From the downright dangerous and cruel, to the helpful and hopeful. Even the most primitive minded thinks he's doing right (on some level) else he wouldn't do it, but then again -- illness can alter behavior, causing a quite peaceful man, to act in suddenly aggressive and violent ways. Psychological, psychiatric, neurological damage -- can cause a caring mother, to murder her children. There are unfortunate people, and there are solutions and answers to every problem we face. What one calls the supernatural, I call the natural which simply hasn't yet been understood. What one calls faith, I call possibility. The words we use are as diverse as the thoughts we thinks. A word can change the entire context of how one understands, based on the judgment I or you has about that particular word, and our judgment of that particular word is the result of our past experience in relationship to it.

    You are nothing without a relationship to something. People seem to have this belief that they're isolated, single entities which are capable and able to do anything. This is quite insane. You are dependent on the people who led to your existence (Parents) for birth, you are dependent on your environment for your "relative" experience, which leads to your conscious development. You are dependent on the food which you take in, which inevitably comes from food sources at the bottom of the food chain that derived their energy from the sun, and you are dependent on water, which makes up the vast majority of mass within your human body.

    We are psychological, and physiologically dependent on a reference point outside of ourselves, in order for us to have a perception beyond ourselves, and we can not identify as "a self" without a knowledge of there being more than that self.

    Ultimately when we look up at the stars at night, when we look at the stars -- we see planets spinning on their axis, silently moving through their orbits -- debris and rock, elements of iron, nickel, iridium, hydrogen -- all this "matter", which coincidentally makes up the very ground we walk. And the ground we walk is where the planet life grows which takes in that very sunlight which nourishes all of us. Thus, when we look in the mirror, we see calcium, magnesium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and a host of other elements juxtaposed to one another, creating proteins, -- leading to our skin, our eyes, our hair, our brains. When we look up at the stars we see ourselves. We are one and the same, given we're dependent on everything outside ourselves to be. Thus when look up at those stars, the universe is seeing itself through our eyes. The universe is alive and conscious.

    So, it doesn't seem so far off to believe Christ when he said "We are one." - we are made in the image and likness of our creator.

    Our judgment of others is a judgment of self. There is simply one moment. Nothing exists outside this one exact eternal moment. All events before, and after it do not exist as more than a memory in you, and your memory is merely a construct, imperfect, flawed, hazy at times, and limited like the reel on a projection screen. Screen shots, of what once was, is not truth of what once was.

    The systems by which we ensure our biological needs are met, and our psychological wants appeased is by interaction within the tangible world of materials. We work, expending energy, to produce something, whether an idea which will lead to a tangible end, or a tangible product itself. These serve others, consuming our energies. Our coworkers, our bosses -- all of us, are merely choosing a niche, a space to be able to have the opportunity to earn as well as produce the capacity for these products. We earn money, which we ourselves turn and spend on other people's products.

    Our system evolved like all things. Systems provide structure to create a particular result. Whether that result serves us or not is dictated by how long we continue to use that system. If collectively people decided tomorrow that capitalism was ineffective and socialism was preferable, tomorrow the world would be using socialism. What we collectively choose is the collective result we create, as individuals, families, towns, cities, states, countries, and the world.

    The machine is ever evolving, as one idea or theory of economics replaces another. People will do what serves them until they choose to do otherwise. When a niche opens in nature, there is always a particular creature suited for that niche which will exploit it. Human beings are no different in the environments they naturally exist in, or those they artificially create.

    The individual will is in-fact not individual at all, but the illusion that it is isolated produces the appearance of such. In practical terms: The will of an individual isn't free at all, but always bound by human limitation. Our mental abilities, our potentialities, our imaginations -- are all limited. We are not infinite, decadent, or permanent.

    I discussed this earlier. Every memory is a distorted version of what once was truth. Inevitably we "spin" our own truth depending on our needs, our experience, our motivations -- some conscious, some not. This is why in a court of law it is important to paint a picture of what we hope will be a closer representation of the truth, via the witness. No one is truly an objective observer. We remember things based on what serves us.

    Exactly. Who you are today, is not who you were 10 years ago. When you make a promise, and vow to do something eternally, or for life, or even for 5 years -- there may in-fact come a time when you no longer wish to choose that. This is why Prisons have parole, and our legal system tries to account for such change in time. Who you are literally dies each day, and is reborn.

    There is a song I like that goes:

    She told him she'd rather fix her make-up
    Than try to fix what's going on
    But the problem keeps on calling
    Even with the cell-phone gone

    She told him that she believes in living,
    Bigger than she's living now
    But her world keeps spinning backwards and upside-down

    Don't say so-long, and throw yourself wrong
    Don't spend today away, 'cause today will soon be
    Gone, like yesterday is gone,
    Like history is gone,
    Just try and prove me wrong, and pretend like you're immortal.

    She said, He said, live like no tomorrow;
    Every day we borrow brings us
    One step closer to the edge. Infinity.
    Where's your treasure, where's your hope?
    If you get the world, and lose your soul?
    She pretends like she pretends like she's immortal,

    Don't say so-long, andwe're not that far gone
    This could be your big chance to make-up
    Today will soon be

    Gone, like yesterday is gone
    Like history is gone,
    The world keeps spinning on
    You're going, going, gone,
    Like summer break is gone,
    Like Saturday is gone,
    Just try and prove me wrong and pretend like you're immortal

    We are not infinite
    We are not permanent
    Nothing is immediate
    We are so confident in our accomplishments
    Look at our decadence

    Gone, like Frank Sinatra,
    Like Elvis and his mom
    Like Al Pacino's cash,
    Nothing lasts in this life
    My high school dreams are gone
    My childhood sweets are gone
    Life is a day that doesn't last for long

    Life is more than money
    Time was never money
    Time was never cash
    Life is still more than girls
    Life is more than hundred-dollar bills and roto-tom fills
    Life is more than fame and rock and roll and thrills
    All the riches of the kings end up in wills
    We've got information in the information age,
    But do we know what life is
    Outside of our convenient Lexus cages?

    She said, He said live like no tomorrow,
    Every moment that we borrow brings us closer
    To a God who's never been short of cash
    Hey Bono, I'm glad you asked,
    Life is still worth living, Life is more that we are

    It's not infinitely complicated, it's eternally finite. We're just not capable in a single moment of capturing it all. Interesting how I just said that, yes? I said the same thing you did, and yet the context creates a different perspective, leading to the same conclusion.

    You are significant in potential for affecting collective consciousness, if you have attitude, ability, and motivation. You can accomplish things, but you are not unlimited.

    I have concluded after extensive research, life experience and imagination, that the key to deciding meaning, is to take the cards you've been dealt -- including experiences and things which you are powerless to change, or affect, and decide from within, who you are, and who you choose to be. The world can be influenced by you, if you choose that. Everything you do affects the world, you simply don't recognize it, nor do others recognize that it was you. However, if you choose to influence the world on a large scale, you must be influenced on a large scale by interacting with the people and environments which foster your goal, and the results you wish to produce. Read the books of those you wish to model, talk to them, listen to them.

    You choose what matters, and when someone asks you "What's the matter" -- you say "Exactly." Be present everywhere by being present nowhere. Put a dash between nowhere, like this. Now-here. See? Now, here. Be as you are now, start whereever you are and choose.

    Sure, I'll post my mission statement for you:

    Updated - January 2nd, 2007
    Last Copy - March 20th, 2005
    Personal Mission Statement

    • [*]Act As If and Be positive when capable and able and maintain that positivity as it strengthens the circle of influence.
      [*]Actions speak louder than words. Don't be deceived by eloquent talk: They're wolves in sheep's clothing. Users, losers, abusers: Be aware.
      [*]Always be responsible and proactive, and understand the circle of concern (COC) vs. circle of influence (COI) - What can I "change", and what can I "do" in my circle of influence. I have no control over people, places, and things directly in the circle of concern, but I can expand my influence by being "self focused".
      [*]Be "Self Focused" - but not "Selfish - Principle Centered - keeping the focus on myself and core ideals, values and my roles.
      [*]Be yourself, because those that matter don't mind, and those that mind, don't matter.
      [*]Constantly use Proactive language to support my Proactive attitude - it will reinforce my proactivity, and increase my COI while carefully being self aware of reactive language (Examples: I can't, I have to, and other unconscious negative or reactive words) which strips my power and gives it to people, places, and things in the COC.
      [*]Experiences are neither "good" or "bad" they just "are" - There is always purpose, meaning, and opportunities to be found so don't judge the "moment".
      [*]Keep your mouth shut - Listen twice as much as you speak, , and when you do speak share ESH: Share Experience, Strength, and Hope with people, but never give advice unless specifically asked, never voluntarily tell anyone anything they don't need to know, don't say more than you have to, unless you absolutely choose to do so consciously and are fully prepared for the possible known and unforeseen consequences.
      [*]Knowing is not enough you must apply, willing is not enough, you must do.
      [*]Never give up. There is no such thing as failure, there are only results. Always finish what you start, and do exactly what you tell yourself or anyone else you will do. If you set a goal, work to achieve it, exhaust all avenues; take it as far as it can possibly go. If you make a promise, keep it.
      [*]Never compromise my integrity, and well-being by behaving reactively - Between every Stimuli, and Response lay my choice.
    Daily Reminders:

    • [*]A goal is not always meant to be reached but may only serve as something to aim at. Keep your eye on the prize. It will become clearer as you near the target, but remember you can have anything you want, but you can't have everything.
      [*]Anything is possible if you have ability, motivation, and attitude
      [*]Be present everywhere by being present nowhere (now-here)
      [*]Consistency & Moderation bring harmony. - Only Sober Moderation is lasting. Maintain balance in your life with sober moderation and you will never have to worry about what you’re neglecting.
      [*]Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
      [*]It can be, it is meant to be, it will be. Be thankful in advance for the "pre-sent" opportunities in your world. If you neglect what you have, and who you are, and who is there, all is meaningless.
      [*]Look to the root of the tree if you wish to understand the entire tree - don't stare at the leaves - stare at the root to see the tree in whole. If you understand the root of any issue, you will understand what grows from it. Find the least common denominators and you can understand all of their products.
      [*]Love life, mankind, and trust in the Natural Law of Life. You can consciously observe what is so in these Laws - and then experience the positive consequences.
      [*]Strive towards simplicity, creativity, efficiency, quality, and integrity.
      [*]Wise Men Have No need to prove their points, and men who have a need to prove their points aren't Wise - Be Wise. You don't have to prove anything to anyone, other then yourself.
    Goals For Cultivation:

    • [*]Be like flowing water - Naturally flow towards fulfilling your destiny. Never strive, never resist, never stand still. Be formless; find a way through any obstacle in your path. Water can't be broken. Water can flow gently or swiftly, swirl around, or crash violently, solidify as ice, turn to vapor in moments. Water maintains overall equilibrium and contains yin/yang and applies only as much force as is necessary. Water is life in motion.
      [*]Decide what your greatest burdens and dissatisfactions are and work to fix them before anything else, so they do not subconsciously drag you down. Surface your deepest causes of unhappiness and deal with them, by action or forgiveness. "Know the truth and the truth will set you free." Until you release these negative states, there will be conflicts within you – conflicts that will express themselves in disease(mental and or physical), unhappiness, confusion, and the illusion of failure. If lost, ask for directions: kneel and pray.
      [*]Keep it Simple - yet understandable when dealing with Nature & Spirituality - Paralysis by analysis is not necessary when trying divide the indivisible a part only makes sense when viewed with the whole. The purpose of Life is Life itself - Life is an experiment -The answer to "why?" is just "because." "Why ask why?"
      [*]Research & Learn - then keep what is important, discard what is not.
      [*]When Yang Strikes Use yin concepts: When life circumstances overwhelm you - bend with it - be flexible, gentle, and poised. Be relaxed and flow with it like a flowing river stream - eventually it will pass, and by complimenting the "yang" with an equal amount of "yin" you bring harmony and strength to yourself. (This too shall pass, and the storm will run it's course, and the sun will eventually shine again) "The Art of Fighting, without fighting". The best way to win a fight is to prevent it. Complimenting Yang is understanding how to surrender intelligently.
      [*]When yin strikes provide an equal amount of Yang concepts: stand Firm, Solid, and Inflexible to expand, and challenge oneself. Both bring harmony when applied within context.
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    Mettalic Blue-

    Came here with similar questions as the thread starter, not that I was going to post about it, but reading what you had to say was very thought provoking.

    Thanks dude. :hs:

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    I always wanted answers that made sense, to understand this world in a practical and realistic way. I think I've done a good job.
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    Go Dodger Blue!
    Even though we know that there are billions of people in the world, our obvious insignificance among them is almost incomprehensible. It's like the thought of nothingless after death. It's so frightening but likely true.

    While people may seem to be so different, they are actually very much alike. Most people are quite predictable and their personalities can be easily generalized. When it rains every driver has to deal with the rain and many are going to be experiencing similar emotions, such as frustration, worry, anger, or joy. The people in prison understand other prisoners. The poor understand other poor people. And the rich find much in common with other rich people. Most people live to an old age. If you've ever been to a cemetery, you might notice that the graves show most people living 60-80 years of age. Very rarely do you find someones name who died at age 30 and younger.

    At a place with a high turnover ratio, sure, but you'd be surprised how some employees manage to stick around for many years. Take Walmart for example. Their workforce has an extremely high turnover ratio, both due to quick quittings and quick firings. Yet there are some people who have worked there for 4, 10, 15, and 20+ years. All three types of workers have a lot in common with each other.

    Yes. Our experiences shape our personality. Everyone has taken different paths in their life. Think of it as many people in space jumping from one "experience plank" to the next. It's common for you to jump onto a plank with someone else already there, or even many people there. That is an experience that you share. But when you make that next jump, you might find that none of that group makes the next journey with you. Or you might find that 1 or 2 actually do for a brief moment in time. While there are some who jump on planks where they are always alone, they're not virgin planks. You will have shared that similar experience with someone else, somewhere out there. No two people will follow the same pattern though.

    You have free reign here. You can do as you please. Learn as much as you want, experience all that you desire. It's easy to look at the world and life as something that is for your own pleasure. But you did mention that the people of the world and their backgrounds, the way they've shaped themselves can be very interesting. Human interaction and socializing is something that is grand and beautiful. It can't be replaced by anything else.
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    It's rather simple sir.

    The meaning of life is life itself.

    The destination for all of us in life is the same, what matters is what road we take to get there.

    You should be able to deduct a lot from those two statements, I'm quite sure you're capable of doing so, and I'd really like to hear what you come up with.
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    The point of life is to fuck and make money. Some are better than others and that is why we are all different.
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    makes me want to buy a motorcycle with my savings and join the hell's angels. Live fast, die young.
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    In a materialistic mindset, yes.

    METALLlC BLUE New Member

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    My mind is set on eating some Taco Bell. :eek3:
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    mmmmm taco bell

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    Holy shit, old post. Man, I created a super good post in this thread. :o
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    In a van down by the river



    Be simple.

    Listen to kids.

    Treat people with respect.

    When you fall down, get back up, dust yourself off and take another step.

    Have faith in something.

    Always forgive.

    Be content.



    (lame as shit I know, but I wanted to make a neat little bell curve with my words. MSPaint coming in an edit)


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    New England
    you're not. none of us is.

    worry about you. you can't affect the rest of the world until you've taken care of yourself first.

    I posted this a while ago.

    I believe there is a universal right and wrong. I'm not saying I always do what's right, but as I'm doing wrong, I know it.

    I honestly believe *most* people *want* to do what's right. I believe education can cure nearly all our social problems. I believe family and friends come first. I believe there is nothing wrong with saying citizens come before non-citizens. I believe all people should be treated with respect, but that does NOT mean handle them with kids gloves.

    I believe the truth needs to be said and I've lost "friends" for it. I want to hear the truth and would *never* think less of someone for saying it....but may think less of them for how it's said.

    I rarely lock my doors...not my house, not my barn, not my car. If you see my motorcycle chances are the ignition and fork locks are not set and anyone could drive it away. I don't believe in karma but I do believe what comes around goes around (haha).

    I've lived in cities and towns in the north and south and it's been my experience that no matter what color, gender, age, religion, or education level, people treated with respect will appreciate it and return respect. I've never been in a fight in my life... I've been close but I've talked (or bluffed ) my way out of every one.

    Sadly, everyone is racist...thankfully not everyone lets that affect his actions.

    I believe hitting a child shows you failed as a parent. I teach my kids to turn the other cheek, probably more than any situation deserves. I'll raise them with a saying my mom used with me, "You worry about you." She meant "Don't concern yourself with what someone else has or does or how he got it. The only person you can affect is you." I believe nobody can truly hurt me without my permission.

    I hate debt even more than I hate credit. If I don't have cash I don't buy it. I live within my means and don't understand how people can simultaneously have a boat *and* complain about their mortgage. I don't judge anyone for it, but I won't listen to it.

    Benefit of the doubt is assumed (until proven otherwise); trust is earned. There is a HUGE difference between benefit of the doubt and trust.

    A promise and a handshake are good enough for me.

    The glass is half full.

    Children really are and extremely good judge of character. If my kids don't like someone chances are I won't either.

    Most of this also describes my friends. I don't think it's coincidence that of all my married friends and their parents, only one couple has gotten divorced. That's not me judging, that's just a fact.

    ........................................ welcome to how I live my life. You?
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    If the thread starter is bright enough to question life and how it all works, what makes you think he won't question your shitty religion?

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    So what has happened since?

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