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    im really dumb when it comes to computer but recently my boyfriend and i have had an issue with some things.

    1 - this person somehow has a program that hacked into our computer and can take screen shots of our screens when we are using things like ebay or other online stores and get our credit card info. then to be funny they will email us the screenshot. they found out all our passwords for our email addresses and message board accounts etc.

    he sends us stuff from 2 email addresses. is there any way to track where the emails are coming from. he took over $2000 from his bank account by taking a screenshot of him entering his account number on paypal. hes been trying to track this asshole down for about 6 months now but when tracked the location changes all the time. is there any way we can do this?

    i have the email addresses if that helps. like i said im stupid when it comes to computers so if this is a waste of time im sorry.
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    first off, why are you still using all the same account info? go to a system (local college/HS campus/friends house) with internet access and change all your passwords, but before you get to doing that, CHANGE ANY FINANCIAL ACCESS!, tracking down an email can be tough if its a public account like hotmail, best bet, if they are stupid enough to continually use the two accounts you are referring to, is contact the host (ie. hotmail if they are emailing you from a hotmail account) and have them give you an access ip, and/or have them contact the isp of the person connecting to that account

    yet again, before all this, unless you need some way of still tracking this script kiddie down, clean your system, either running Anti virus systems or backing up all info you want to keep and completely wipe the OS by repartitioning, reformatting, reinstalling (a local computer repair shop can do this for you, and hopefully for cheap), tho with a trojan like this, it may not be necessary

    however if you still need info on this person, it may not be desireable to remove the trojan just yet, you will have to use some type of logging app (that captures something like netstat output) to get their IP.....prolly a little over your head, so best bet is the next paragraph

    aside from all that, if this person has taken money (hell even without taking money) its a legal problem and authorities of some sort will eventually get involved, do what you have to do and quickly

    EDIT: if you could post the email address suffix (ie what comes after the '@' we might be able to help you more)....also if this person paypal'd money to themself, there should be some transaction record right? was it a check, bank account what? i mean where did the money go?!
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