A&P can someone recommend a good case for my Canon G2?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by SnYpR808, Oct 2, 2002.

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    I spent $800 for my camera including 3 filters, an adapter and a 3 year mack warranty, i've taken a few pictures in my house but i'm paranoid to take the camera anywhere without a case. :( Everywhere i've been only has those generic all-purpose cases which are either too big or too small. I've seen that funky 2 piece leather deal that canon makes for the G2 but i don't wanna buy that. Any G2 owners out there care to share what case they're using and how it's worked for them?
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    My brother has a CASE LOGIC case that holds the camera perfectly, and has a front pocket to hold the remote and a extra CF card in its case.

    It's like this case was purposely built for the Canon G2.

    Check it out ....
  3. SnYpR808

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    thanks...i just bought a case logic case today. It has one of those movable dividers inside, a pocket on the front and two on the sides. It's not bad, hopefully it'll be more useful when get more stuff like the telephoto and macro lenses. thanks for the input

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