Can the Apple Remote use any IR reciever?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by skolen, Jul 24, 2007.

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    So I got a Pinnacle HDTV Stick during this past WOOT-off and I see that it already comes with a remote. The software it comes with also states that it can be used with the Apple Remote instead (which is nice cause the supplied remote looks like a nightmare).

    I already have the full-version of EyeTV waiting (since this only comes with lite) and I was wondering if I could pick up one of the extra Apple Remotes they sell and use that with the IR receiver that comes with the Pinnacle stick? Or does the Apple Remote come with an it's own little receiver as well?
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    Or, will I have to buy the Universal iPod Dock to get the IR receiver that works with the remote? And does this allow you to use the remote in general for Front Row?

    What's happening is I'm moving out and the room I'm staying in won't have room for my 32" TV, so my 23" ACD will be my TV.
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    Well, I got the adapter today and hooked it up. Found a few over-the-air HD stations and they look pretty good considering it's going through the coaxial cable hookup. I do get some dropouts because my closest window faces another building w/little access to the open sky, but I'll use a cable box later down the line.

    Apple Remote does not work with it, so I may look into the Universal Dock.

    Here's a screenshot:
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    apple remote uses the receiver in new macs. eye tv uses the apple remote too by holding down the menu button (or something like that)
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    To answer my own question the Apple Remote will not work WITH the IR for the Pinnacle tuner. Neigh will it work if trying to use it on the Mac with a Universal Dock attached (it only controls an iPod). So basically at this time there's no possible way to get an Apple Remote to work on a Mac that didn't come with a built in IR, which would've already come with one.

    People are trying to hack the UD to allow the Mac to see it as a standard IR and thus use the cracked Front Row. But who knows, Apple may do this themselves since they plan on releasing Front Row as a part of Leopard in 10.5 and Front Row will be rather useless for anyone with a MacPro since those oddly enough have no IR on them.

    The only bonus out of this is that the Universal Dock fits my 80Gb while still in its DLO hardshell protector and I can use it w/the Apple Remote. Or I can go into an Apple store and be an asshole and start activating Front Row on all the display models since the remotes come with an open signal.
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    Nue Yawk
    Whoa, how much is the HD recviver? thats look awesome.
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    It was $90 in a WOOT-Off, goes for $130 IIRC.

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